Why am I doing this and Why it all matters to you


5 years ago I launched a Self Discovery experience.

I led it in my Sister’s living room in Dubai. We were 8 curled up on her huge couch. Each coming from a continent and culture. We shared. We laughed.

We had deep realisations. We declared stuff we’d felt too shy to be worthy of. Important Stuff we had forgotten.

Since then, this self discovery experience morphed into what I call today The ALIVE! Soul Session. 

Over the years of working -one on one and groups- with people’s dreams, fears, relationships potentials, desires, needs, passions and goals- I realised it was an urgency for me to create an experience for more women and cool men to get in touch with their inner wisdom quicker- faster- open- gutsy. full of heart. and fast fast fast. [ because life on this planet tends to be short]

Why? because as humans we may stay stuck for a very long time with burning questions. That turn into anxieties. Then self doubt. Then makes us feel we’re not enough. Or we can’t do/have this or that. An unfruitful dip. A limbo of dissatisfaction.

That happens to all of us. at some point.

We don’t have to be terribly unhappy. Yet we may loose our way of who we are amid big life transitions. We could loose track.
{ because of career choices. parenting roles. managing toxic relationships. pregnancies. inexplicable fears. dealing with difficult parents. moving countries. empty nest. life purpose questions. money blocks. emotional chocks. overwhelm. illnesses. stress. adaptation. loosing someone we love. heart breaks. existential nausea. analysis paralysis. self doubt. being on overdrive. disappointments. over caring. over giving. being busy busy busy.}

Deep realisation: Self improvement doesn’t have to be a complex serious  private lonely job. Creating a life you love doesn’t have  to feel like a far fetched dream. 

I wanted The ALIVE! Soul Session  to give that feel of growing (up). alone and together.

And so I sat. Created and poured into this experience everything our heart needs to move forward with clarity and enthusiasm +  tools of my discoveries as a human and a professional. All wrapped in a bow of practical creative feminine wisdom.

We’ve been conditioned to think that there is a path to success we must follow. We’ve spent time, energy and money looking for the map that will lead us there—when all along what we needed was a compass. And The ALIVE! Soul Session gives just that. an inner compass. based on who you are. 

I have a deep trust in your capacities, in your talents and genius and that’s why I know you don’t need much time to get “it”.

Inner wisdom quicker- faster- open- gutsy. full of heart. and fast fast fast.

P.S. If you feel that call in your heart to experience The ALIVE! Soul Session. It’s happening in Beirut. I’ll be flying over for the weekend so we plunge into everything that makes you alive and create an exciting plan around that. You get everything in here {//}. Feel free to share this message with someone you know who’d love this.

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