The importance of embracing our Anger, Shame, Sadness and Grief


Real Conversation with Chérine interview series is to inspire other women through heart to heart talks with courageous women on redefining yourself and going for what you want. Transformation and change is hard for many. And so I want to explore that tipping point and pivotal moment when we say YES to who we truly are and go for our exciting choices. 

Guest ; Jessica Semaan

Jessica Semaan was born and raised in Lebanon. She’s a trauma survivor, writer and poet. She writes about love, life, and what we’re scared to talk about. She’s been published in Time, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and more, and is currently working on her first book, “Child of the Moon.”

She is the founder of The Passion Company, and a graduate from Stanford Business School. Before taking on writing, Jessica was an early employee at Airbnb where she lead its operations scaling. You can find her courageous writing on Medium.

In This Episode of Real Conversation with Chérine: Jessica will dive into

Why experiencing our sadness, anger, pain are important to liberate ourselves from fear and anxiety.

How Shame is a toxic beast to be aware of.

How to find the light when we dive into our darkness.

..and more.

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