Kind words

After hearing Cherine’s discussions in one of her workshops, I could tell she is real and honest, and that she was looking to ask tough questions in order to help me, rather than just the usual ‘positive thinking’ mantras. When we started working together, what surprised me is the discovery of how much my suppressed resentments and high achieving nature were affecting me. During our work, I started having better responses to negative or challenging things that came up during my daily routine, especially during the work day. I also give myself a break on perfectionist tendencies. I feel more confident in walking the fine line between having desires met and becoming too attached to specific outcomes this makes me more open to new opportunities.

One major lesson I learned is: I’m enough.

I love that Cherine speaks from personal experience to act as a guide. She pushed me to go more in depth and find out what I need, then offered practical solutions that I can continue to use long after our sessions are finished. Additionally, she is a delight to work with always positive, fully present, and nonjudgmental. In addition to helping me remember what’s really important to me, rather than just what society/family tell us we ‘should’ do, Cherine gave me step by step processes that I can use to stay true to my values during any difficult situations that may arise in the future.

Even though I didn’t use it between every session, I really liked the option of sending questions via email! And Skype is so easy and effective.

Tammy Powell | USA
Karen Kurzmeyer


Karen Kurzmeyer shares the hesitations she had before joining The Courageous You 8-Week journey, why she said YES and what she dreams to achieve.

I approached Chérine to find my passion in my work and career. My work was evolving from being a torture. I was feeling unhappy.  I have to admit before I started working with her, I felt that fear of the unknown and thought to myself: “will this really help me?”. My first surprise was when Chérine pointed out exactly what I was struggling with and what I needed. It seemed to me that she knew what I needed without me asking. I was able to trust Chérine immediately, confide in her and listen to her. That’s something that was super important to me to be able to work together.

I benefited in so many ways. I found the encouragements, advice and tell it like it is approach very useful. That’s exactly what I needed in order to progress and learn. I loved that we could do our sessions by skype, that I could write to Chérine whenever I needed to ask a question. I enjoyed the home works.  I loved sharing what I’m learning and I embarked my friends on some of my exercises. I appreciated Chérine’s involvement. It showed how much she cares and how much she wants this experience to be a success. I  recommend Chérine to my friends first, because they would easily connect with her. Her down to earth, friendly approach is what would make them connect with her and feel safe. I  recommend Chérine to my acquaintances as well, because she is a real professional, who takes her work very seriously and wants to make a change in people’s lives.

The biggest learnings were to be more self-aware of what I desire and the decisions I take to get there. “How to you want to feel Rima?” is the question that I’m gonna keep asking myself before doing anything.

Thank you Chérine for taking me on as your client. Your presence was a true help in finding my way back to myself and in planning my future dreams. I look forward to working with you again!

Rima O. | Canada
My main challenge was to be more focused and productive. Love  Chérine’s character and enthusiasm. Her follow up is amazing (as I tend to drift from one thing to another) But she is very persistent. She wants me to succeed. I was able to master my focus and she trained me to plan my day, week and month in such a way that it created more time and space for me to follow my passion.
Diane | Artist and Painter | Jordan


“I feel so much clarity, this year I grew up a lot, and I feel I got it due to the courses I had with u Chérine. God bless you so much.”

stop list is great practice. I will begin by stop postponing !”

“Not going to wait till 2019 to start all this. In fact, 50% of the plan is already in”

“thank you very much Cherine! big big value you share with us! thank you all magic women! ♥”

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I loved every part of it. Thank you thank you thank you ♥”

“I have so much on my stop doing list and the self care plan has so many beautiful things on. that feels SO good! It feels empowering and gives me joy to think about putting into action for 2019 but also from now! What a great exercise! One example: stop depending from facebook likes and comparing myself. – Connect to myself and my soul every day and do things from that space.”

I wanted to change my life but I did not know what exactly I wanted and how to start. When I met Chérine I was touched by her positive energy, wisdom, depth and how smart she is. That made me decide to work one one one with her. At first, I thought how can I make a change just in the 4 months ALIVE experience. I was blown away. I was looking forward to every session. The learning is tremendous and so worth the investment.

Chérine directed me, so I became aware of myself, and how to live my dreams in my present moment. I now believe in myself and my capabilities. She doesn’t advice but gently helps you to discover Aha moments which then transform your life. Quite honestly, I had worked with other coaches before but she’s the only one who transformed my life. I recommend her to my best friends and family.

Zhuldyz Koshpanova | Senior Manager Tax and Financial reporting
Before working with Chérine, I had bombarding ideas and negative thoughts. After being coached by her, I now strongly believe in myself. I gained clarity. I learned to put order in my ideas and to stop all the negative ones by directing my energy and focus to what really matters to me. I’ve made a clear list of my top priorities, and keep working towards them with commitment.

I discovered all my hidden strengths and potential. Got over my doubts and fears. I’ve had tremendous changes in my life. I’d leave each session with a precious piece of wisdom that makes me go forward.

R.D. | Branch Manager in a one day surgery hospital, Health Care Sector | UAE
Aida Elhalwagy


Aida, Educator, Mother and Entrepreneurs shares her experience of the year long VIP Feminine Leadership Program.

I was one of those just working to pay my bills. I was like a robot going to work every day. Doing stuff I don’t like cause it pays the bill. I always dreamt to go every day to work excited and happy and I thought this was impossible. Not anymore! Now I know it’s a choice I can make. I’m amazed at how working with Chérine has transformed me.

I believe everybody should get coached at some point in their life if they’re not clear about what’s important for them.

It helped me clarify my mind. I know what I really want to do, what makes me happy and how I want to bring more joy into my life. I learned to make my own choices. This encouraged me to take very big decisions I knew deep inside I should have taken a long time back.

M.A | Engineer | Egypt
Everyone noticed how I changed.

I discovered that we’re the ones who limit ourselves. If I don’t push myself forward and go for it, I will never get anywhere because nobody will come fix my life if I won’t take the initiative to do it myself. I learned how to get the strength I needed to go forward and move towards my goals. How to think clearly, how to connect with my values, and get what I want from life. I learned how to live authentically! And above all, nothing that happens to me is the end of the world.

There’s nothing I fear now. Everything has a solution. That is life changing!

Nesrine Ahlam Bengra | Business Development Executive, Communication Engineering Field | Algeria
Zhuldyz Koshpanova


Zhuldyz Koshpanova, Finance Manager and mother of Triplets shares how she found her passion in Corporate Yoga & Meditation through working in my year long feminine leadership VIP program.

The first noticeable change is that I’m smiling all the time, and second major shift is that I’ve developed a better relationship with the people who matter the most to me only after one session! I felt I was deeply listened to. I discovered my core values and what makes me feel happy and excited. I would have never seen these on my own.
Elissar Farah | Nutrition Student | Lebanon
I wasn’t sure that working with Chérine would help, I was totally wrong.

Now, I know myself better, I’m more focused, my self awareness is sharper. The biggest learning that is engraved in my heart mind and soul is discovering my life values. That helps me make choices that are in line with who I am in my friendships, love life, my environment and my goals. Totally worth it!

There is a special thing in your teaching Chérine. For some reason, what I’ve learned from you is different from what I’ve learned from books. Your message sticks in the brain infinitely and I use it in my daily life which I love!

Issam Farah | Entrepreneur | Lebanon
Having our sessions on Skype is so convenient for a busy woman like me! Working with Chérine got me aligned with my core values, and gave me clarity in visualising what I want to attract into my life.
Sally Sarieddine | Founder and Designer at LaLaQueen | Certified Pranic Healer and Instructor |
Ragna Gudjonsdottir


Ragna joins us from Iceland to share her experience as a participant of The Courageous You

At first, I was afraid of the unknown and afraid to disclose the inner emotions that I wasn’t aware of towards myself. After working with Chérine on the course on Love, I know more what I want and above all what I deserve.
Mazen Mamish | Lebanon
The very first time I worked with Chérine, I was hesitant in working with a friend (rather than a stranger) on such personal matters. But after that first session of the Love course, no issues there! I got to understand others and myself better. I understand more clearly the fundamentals of relationships, what will work, what won’t work and recognizing whether it’s worth working on! Plus it’s not only about relationships, it’s about becoming aware of yourself and what is important to you deep down, and being honest with yourself. Choosing to live a life based on who I am rather than how I ‘should’ be.
Michelle Solomon | United Kingdom


It’s powerful, clear, help you to reconnect to yourself, an amazing way of sharing good vibes and support, it helps you create an awareness about your inner critics and start dealing with them…

Myriam Moufarrej

A life changing experience.

I rediscovered my self, and acknowledged my strength.

Evelyne-Marie Aoun

It’s an amazing workshop, it reconnected me with myself and let me identify my inner critic and learn how to manage it. It was a lasting learning that made me feel joy and peace.

Mónica Ramírez López

The most significant shift is awareness. There are issues I was aware of but I didn’t have them all fit in a big picture kind of way to help me clarify to myself what I truly want, what I shouldn’t compromise on and what I should be looking forward to.
Nathalie Bekdache | Lebanon
At first, I was a little hesitant about opening up. I am a pretty private person. But Then, I felt very comfortable with Chérine. She approaches personal and serious matters in an interactive and fun way. It makes the whole experience very refreshing. It’s essential to stop what you’re doing and have a look inside and around you. We tend to put aside what’s important to us and forget what it is that we really want. After working with Chérine, I am definitely more aware about myself, my relationships and my goals. I feel more grounded and clear about who I am, what I want and what I have to do to get there.
Mira Hayek | Fashion Designer |
I was convinced that Chérine’s course on Love would give me deep insights on my true desires and core values concerning the love I want. Now I know what I want really and deeply from a love relationship. No more trials and errors as I used to do before. I know the red flags and know how to avoid them. Since my desires, feelings, values and principles are tuned on the same key, I can know and design the profile of the love I want to create in my life. I noticed huge shifts: I am more relaxed. Much more joyful! I’ve had so many AHA moments and they are still ongoing. I’m much clearer with what I want. I’m grounded with myself. I feel centered and I’m loving the renewed fresh energy I’m experiencing. Every session unleashed a hidden beauty in myself. Every discussion was directed to uncover the different facets of the most beautiful garden I have inside of me. I feel precious, unique and confident.
N. Rubeiz | Lebanon
Myriam Moufarrej

Myriam Moufarrej shares why she joined The Courageous You Journey + what she got out of it.

I’ve never heard of a course of this style before and especially online. But I really wanted to figure out what I was doing right/wrong to meet a new man. I wanted to know if I was ready and looking for the right type of man. It was a leap of faith to a certain extent. The course on LOVE! has got me back into that place where I trust where I am, trust what the universe is offering me, and I can put my wishes out there – such as my ideal man’s profile – and some magic could well happen. No more looking at a man on a dating site and saying “ok, he’s only 20% of my ideal man profile, let’s meet him anyway” and wasting both our time.

Chérine awakened me to what I REALLY want and less compromising and ‘making do’ with whatever I get. I feel so much more assertive about who I want to meet and what I want in the rest of my life. Knowing my values in so many areas is incredibly powerful. I won’t compromise on ME. Chérine is intuitive and has an empathy that comes through in her words and made me feel it’s ok to be me, exactly as I am. No need to dress things up or be shy about anything. Even though she assured me everything was confidential, I already knew that as soon as I spoke to her. I feel even MORE ready to meet a new man than I was before.

I feel clearer about who that man needs to be in order to have the soul mate connection that I’m yearning for. AND, even though feeling these things may make me more impatient, I actually feel more assured that I will meet him when the time is right. Because it is SO helpful! I can see how easily I was looking for someone completely different to my ideal man’s profile. I was allowing myself to compromise on so many things and ended up meeting men who had completely different core values to me. It’s no wonder I haven’t met the right man yet. Also, I now feel like my ideal man’s profile IS for me and not a dream and not ‘too much for little me’ which is how I was thinking before. It was great to feel more assured that I’m on the right path, doing what I can, but also that life will reveal my new man when we’re both ready. Can’t wait!

Chérine, you are invaluable. You have a true gift and I really hope you get this message and course out to thousands more people. It would be a crime not to!

J Butler | Online marketing consultant | UK
In the past, I’ve spent so much time reading about love, thinking about love — Honestly, I wondered if there was anything new I’d learn with Chérine. I was amazed at how she just instantly got me. From just the few things I said. I felt she just knew who I was.

I am more aware of what I want and that it is okay to want them. It has helped me know when I am settling, when something is a red flag and when it’s something that I need to deal with. Chérine helped me understand better the way love can be. She initiated me to define what love is for me and most importantly, to understand how to love myself.

From now on, I’ll never compromise how much I value growth and learning in myself and, how important that is when I am looking for a partner. It’s what makes my heart sing.

Lisa Yuan | USA


I am so grateful to you and your offering! It has already given me so much insight and joy. I look forward to doing a new module with you every week! I have learnt so much about myself, by reconnecting to my creativity, and realized what my priorities are in life. This is so precious! And worth a thousand jobs.

Sarah Warde

Yoga Teacher

This course helped me to be more open to the world! To believe in my potentials and that I CAN and I WILL do what I am capable of doing in life! And that nothing is impossible as long as we have a good will and enthusiasm

Jamale Maatouk


I advice any person who is ready, to take find your passion course with Chérine. The course will help you organize your thoughts and give you some insights about yourself and feelings. I just loved the course and Chérine is a really good & generous coach, and you can feel her love and passion even online. All the love and many thanks ❤️❤️

Maya Dihny


Let Cherine’s energy and passion energize you! She’s done a great job of getting me not only curious about my true passions but also expertly led the way to actually discovering my future business idea – and some long-lost passions I definitely want to pursue on the side as a hobby. Thank you so much, Cherine!

Sabine Indinger

Business Consultant

 Love the freshness of how you share your message.

Tania Blanco

Communicator w/ Poet's Soul and Inner Power Advocate.

I really like the way you teach things and you are a wonderful human being thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to experience this course ??

Ina Arnold

Student, Entrepreneur, Mother

The few classes I took so far already put my brain at work and it’s constantly working in the background during my daily activities/vacation without noticing. I find myself paying more attention to everything I’m doing and analysing them. The classes are so far a trigger most of all but also an enlightenment and a way to structure my thoughts. It give me a different perspective/way of looking at the things around me and in me that usually pass without being noticed.

Joelle Khoury


I love the quality of the content. The systematic way and structure of the course reduces the difficulty to go through/accept the ideas that take my energy. it’s like going to gym with a skilled trainer, who reminds you that some muscles exists , who shows you some forethought ways and makes you feel that you can do it!

Roula Rabah

Thank you for brightening up people’s life, you inspire me all the time & I can’t wait to start my coaching career, as despite I’m re-connected to myself & fueled as a humane & artist, I learned alot from you about coaching, you are my Idol

Mira Moufarrej

Singer, Life Coach

It did helped me to go deep into inner self and the real version of me. It is important to understand that our passion doesn’t come from things we do now but also what we used to do in the past and analyse our daily routines.

Yasmeen Al Hemyari

Health & Safety Officer

Since undertaking your courses I have developed a tool kit for personal transformation. I feel more positive about developing and taking my passion to new levels. Your courses are well thought out and easy to understand. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

Lissa-Jane de Sailles


Well, you are great, cheerful and positive, you helped us to get back to the base of our dreams and goals, you helped us to see the way to find our passion out ! Just a great Course ! Loved it because I had to dig deeply in myself to find my passion!

Rachelle Moufarrej

Product Specialist - Medical Supplies

I dived into FYP with trust ( because you inspire trust dearest Cherine) and hope (because you always make sure we feel that). My trust and hope were rewarded.

Now I know my inner self better and more importantly can put names to the emotions and feelings I have. Each lesson and each module brought me clarity and knowledge. I have learnt an amazing, joyful way to see things, process information and a fantastic way to make decisions.

The whole process I went through in FYP was a revelation and it made/ makes me feel serein and at peace with myself. Somehow I let go of anger and frustration.

FYP really helped me with my vision of how I want my life to feel and what I need to do about it.

Thank you Cherine, you are a beautiful soul and an amazing coach.

Don’t laugh…I really wanted this workshop to go on. It made me feel on the right track.

Tala Beydoun | Lebanon

The FYP course is a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery that helps even the most aware people become more grounded and more in touch with their inner capabilities, aspirations and perceptions… it’s an enjoyable ride, a roller coaster on which you are intrigued to get back on time and time again to feel that adrenaline in your blood once more and savor the thrilling feeling of rush and freedom, screaming your lungs out… Nisrine Khoury 🙂

Nisrine Khoury | Director – Strategy and Corporate Development

This course gently guided me back to reconnect with my heart and to get in touch with what I love and cherish the most in this life. Through simple steps, I have been able to recognize where I got lost into the process of my life, so I can now see a brand new and joyful path towards my passions. Going through this process with Chérine made me realized that being just who I am is not only enough, it is fantastic, and I have to take care of my treasures! I now realize how legitimate it is to listen to my heart and my truth. I now dare to consider my passions as a top priority in my life. The quality of Chérine’s coaching is remarkable. Her joy is contagious and brings a lot of motivational energy on this path of reconnecting to our own joy. Thank’s a lot!

Marie-Pierre Fréchette

Architectural Technologist

Find Your Passion takes you to an inner journey to meet yourself to discover -and rediscover- your inner passions, those things that move you and make you vibrate, those you had forgotten, those which make you feel that life has sense. I suddenly realized I was very deep in my mind and heart, without hard struggles to get there. The exercises don’t let any important information scape from your awareness, and the materials make the journey fun and enjoyable making you decide from your soul and heart, something you don’t get in therapy or at university, this is a deeper work, but again: enjoyable. I felt connected to Chérine while watching the exercises, her enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll get to know yourself better, increase your self esteem and discover your passion.

Mónica Ramírez López | Bachelor and Master in Communications

Find your passion course is more than just a module to work on but it is journey to visit ur inside.

The module is not easy because you might like what you find or not! It invites you to take action and to move to become your better self. That’s why finding a passion is a also a never ending journey…

Eliane Ghanem

Project Manager

This course has helped me with thinking deeply about my strengths, the areas in my life that come so naturally to me, and my weaknesses. It has helped me remember times in my life when I was the most happiest and being my best self..

Aida Elhalwagy


This course helped me to hear my soul, my heart, inspired my mind.

Anna Jakonczuk


Find Your Passion is a course that made me dive in my mind and heart in a adventure of self recognition. In that journey, I found beautiful achievements I have gotten in my life, and also found old dreams that were archived but still waiting for me. Yes, I could find my passion! But that was after an enriching inner journey which I enjoyed step by step, guided from the hand of a empathetic coach (Cherine!) who made the way softer and lighter. She always guide you with a positive attitude, you will love her energy, her cheerfulness is contagious!

Mónica Ramírez López

Communication Specialist

This course has helped me with thinking deeply about my strengths, the areas in my life that come so naturally to me, and my weaknesses. It has helped me remember times in my life when I was the most happiest and being my best self..

Adrienn Bihary

Webdesign, Marketing

This 4 weeks journey might not get you all the answers but will definitely direct you toward the right questions ? A must do regardless what is your age, background , aspiration or where do you stand right now … A bon entendeur salut ?

Selma Idbel

Sales Manager

Find your passion course made me realise tremendous stuff about me and my personality! It made realise that being multi passionate is a blessing not a curse. It even made me know how people around me think about me and my personality! It was challenging yet very very constructive.. I am a highschool student who is truly suffering to find my major in the chaos of my multi passions and the bad school system i am facing, but after this course, i have become able to funnel my thoughts and passions, differentiate between hobbies and strengths and careers, and started listening to what my heart really wants, what my soul desires, and what my mind is asking for! Cherine is a woman of strength, cleverness, and positivity. If i have become any near to the cloud of success, Cherine is certainly who made me fly!❤️

Maysam Hussein

Senior highschool student

At first, I was afraid to be asked very personal questions. However, Chérine’s sense of humor and the way she handles discussions made me so at ease. ‘Create The Love You Want’ workshop was fun in addition to being informative. It made me discover what my most important values are. I loved that everyone could express his and her feelings freely without being argued nor judged. Chérine has charisma and that’s what makes a trainer successful & loveable.
Joseph Tohme | I.T.
I attended ‘Create The Love You Want’ workshop. I was there out of curiosity. I benefited from my participation. Also, Although the group of people who attended was very diverse, Chérine found a way to get to connect everyone together, make people involved in what was happening. She also shared her knowledge and energy with participants. I found the delivery of the workshop professional and effective.
Anna Zakrzewska | Project Assistant | Education Sector
I gained lots of insight regarding understanding myself more and how to select my partner. I feel I am more aware of what I like and what I don’t in a partner. Exiting ‘Create The Love You Want’ workshop made me feel good about myself and more focused. I felt like a fluffy ball of love.
Rania Zaghir | Author | Publisher |
Chérine created more than a shift for me it was a big move… an eye opener… a life changing realisation. To be able for me to “see” my main area of strength and leverage on it is a wonderful gift. Chérine saw right through me because she knows how and where to look and looks beyond the “stuff” and goes to the real thing. She’s a great coach.
Khulood Abdel Kader | Professional Coach | UAE

After working with Chérine I am more aware and empowered. I feel more abundance in my life. I don’t feel guilty about affirming what I want and leading toxic people out of my life. Reminding myself of my core values and desires and using them as a compass for everything in my life is EMPOWERING! They reconnect me to who I really am and what I want to attract more of. They also make me respect myself more and help me with enhancing my sense of purpose.

What stood out for me about Chérine is that She is professional and punctual. She is experienced about the issues and needs I had. I recommend her because I got results and because she’s easy to talk to, open and nonjudgemental.

Chérine’s website really hooked me at first glance and the fact that she does yoga and dances Tango as I do made me want to work with her.

Working together made me learn more about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. Specifically, about the ideal clients I want to work with and the way I can market to those clients. I also discovered how my uniqueness is a marketing tool that makes any competition irrelevant! I was blown away by her knowledge about marketing and the way she put it in service of my business.

Her full presence, her engagement, her commitment – all outstanding! Each session is structured! I loved it! Her energy, always positive, being down-to-earth and at the same time bringing all the authenticity and wonder into the same space.

Thank you Chérine! I am really happy to have had you as my business Coach!

Madalena Carvalho | Life Coach | UAE
What surprised me is Chérine’s deep knowledge about human behaviour. I gained awareness about the motive behind everything I do. I still remember her note that anything we do, we do for the feeling, the good feeling. People do certain things as they are after the feeling they get. That’s a great starting point to understand my own self-behavior and motivation behind every goal and dream.
Salma E. | Social Entrepreneur | Dubai
I knew that I needed help and guidance in achieving what I want. I had concerns about relationships, finding love and self-confidence. I was worried about not finding the right partner. I don’t believe in coincidence yet when I came across Chérine’s profile I thought this could be what I’m looking for and I contacted her immediately. What surprised me is that it only took 4 sessions for me to reach my goals. I had doubts about that in the beginning and I had a feeling that I would need more sessions. When we came to the 4th and final session, I felt ready to take this forward on my own. I will never lose hope and this makes me confident, patient and optimistic.

In these 4 sessions, I became more confident in being who I am and knowing that I will be accepted the way I am. I learned what I stand for and what’s important to me and that I don’t have to give up on them.

Chérine has a very welcoming, friendly approach that made me comfortable to say what I want to say. I felt no judgement and I was able to share everything that crossed my mind. I loved that she shared personal stories and her experiences because it made me feel that the trust was mutual. I loved that she didn’t make me feel that my problems were stupid. I recommend her because she works from her heart and she’s passionate about what she does and about helping people get the results they desire.

Chérine keep doing what you’re doing because you’re changing people’s lives.

Meera K. | U.A.E | Abu Dhabi
I had hesitations about having the session on Skype. When I started, I was actually surprised how much I liked it. It was nice to be in the comfort of my own home. I was also surprised how intuitive Chérine is about everything. It is hard to put into words, but I just LOVE her energy. I am always excited to meet with her and work with her. It is always a joyful adventure. She’s authentic, kind, and energetic. Coaching and guiding women to their best selves is truly her gift to and from the universe.

I’ve learned a lot from The LOVE! Course. I feel that I am more aware and in touch with my core values and that’s a powerful guidance in any decisions I make. I have now a profound respect towards what I want and desire in my life. I am an active member in my story.

Sarah Groth | U.S.A.
My darling Chérine

I’m writing this note as a thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know that I could call you – but this seems even more personal and permanent.

Joining and taking part in the course you carried out earlier on this year, has helped me beyond words.

The takeaway from your course, for me, was that I HAD TO LOVE MYSELF.

My life has changed some what since then……………

I’ve stopped smoking!!!!

I got a personal trainer 3 x a week

I make a concerted effort to at least have my eyes made up before I leave the house!

I make myself SMILE constantly – fake it ’til you make it!

I accept a compliment

I threw out and gave away A LOT of stuff!

When someone tells me I look beautiful, I thank them and do NOT turn it into something negative about myself as a joke to deflect the uncomfortable feeling of someone paying you a compliment.

I’m open but still fearful at times

I feel happier within myself every day

I LISTEN to myself more

Although it might not look like it, my business IS moving forward.

So once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

There are no other words, apart from the above and that I love and cherish you.

Kisses, love & hugs.

Claudia Adams | The Netherlands | Entrepreneur
At first I was afraid it would be unpractical and boring to be working on emotional and relationship intelligence.
My biggest realisation is I need to bring more heart into my job and communicate more. I learned how to acknowledge others and I discovered how important it is to be authentic in business.
Chérine is easy to open up to and encouraging.

Thank you!

Sameh Fawzy | Sales Director NEA| Ericsson
I assessed where we are and what we need as a team to move to the next level. Chérine knows how to steer the discussion.
Adib Choueiri |Head of Customer Service sales| Ericsson

I learned the importance of having more communication within the team and the positive impact of acknowledgments.

Murat Oguz | Ericsson|
Mónica Ramírez López


Monica shares how The Courageous You helped her make tough decisions.

Chérine is a seasoned coach. She helps you formulate your brand even in your love relationship. Who you are, what you want, why do you want it, where you might find it, when will you be ready for it. She is attentive to every word you use. Oftentimes to your breath and sighs. Her techniques are blended: homework, visualisation, active listening, directive speech. Working with her was very powerful, insightful, and motivational for me.

To all growth junkies, coaching is a very fulfilling experience with Chérine. For those who do not know what coaching is or for those who do not even think about it, I know that Chérine is your coach. The main thing you will get out of your journey with her is increased self-awareness which is the tipping point to true growth.

The learning that really change how I will lead my life and relationships is: when you know how you want to feel, you would be able to explicitly state what you want.

Joanna Abou Jaoude | United Arab Emirates|
What surprised me during the workshop is my capacity and team’s capacity to open up. The atmosphere of honesty. And feeling free to converse.
The one thing I learned is the importance of passion and the importance each one’s role has within the organisation.
It taught me how to give the opportunity to others to participate, give remarks and input for a better communication- even if we have different opinions.
What most enlightened me: Knowing others values, their way of thinking, their way of behaving and their work ethics.
This provokes a positive change only for those who really have a good intention to change.
Abdel Rahman Ahmad – Abu Dhabi Police
This is a new way of experiencing the Team Spirit. It’s the first time I attend a team workshop.
My number one learning: Being frank with others.
From now on, the way I’ll deal with my team will be different.
I’ll recommend this to others because cooperation and trust and respect are very important component in a team. Actually, you can’t survive within a team or family without them.

Chérine has the patience to deal with a team and knows exactly what’s going on even if we don’t talk about it, she’ll nail it.

Somaya Abdallah Al Amer- Director of private projects GHQ.
I was doubting this would work.
What surprised me is others points of view and perspective, behaviours, priorities
The one learning: importance to go back to ourselves every now and then.
From now on I’ll take others’ feelings and circumstances in consideration and respect their own way.
This is a completely different approach in work relationships based on absolute transparency.

Chérine participates in our discussion and that makes us want to talk and open up even more.

Hamdan Rashed Saeid Abu Dhabi Police
I was doubting that there would be honesty and transparency between team members. I was wrong.
I was blown away by the acceptance of the team to learn, the willingness to improve and how much respect we have for each other. I learned it’s crucial to confront honestly with each member.
I found Chérine’s method effective and dynamic.
What I’ll do differently from now on is that I’ll take in consideration difficult personalities and their different perspectives or point of view.

What I most enjoyed are the honest conversations.
I didn’t feel that the main principle of building a team
wanted more positive and negative stories.
I’d recommend TeamShift for honest conversations to improve productivity and healthy interactions.

Chérine makes us want to communicate and open up.

Ammar Serhan Al Kaabi- Officer Abu Dhabi Police
I learned how to deal with each team members specially through their values and what matters to them the most.
I insist everyone in our organisation should take this workshop.
Thank you Chérine for your support and sharing your knowledge.
Maktoom- Abu Dhabi Police
What surprised me is how TeamShift is joyful, innovative and creative in addressing our team challenges.
What I learned are the positive points and strengths I discovered within our team.
What I’ll do differently from now on is taking change with a bigger heart and open arms and putting my focus on the positive points of change. The most useful tool I got from this is how to make an agreement on how we’re going to be as a team for better and for worse.
Maryam Mohammad- Department Manager Ministry of Interior.
What surprised in TeamShift is that it’s non conventional and exciting. I learned how much it’s important to be honest and clear in all situations. What I’ll do differently is to think practically. What I love is the team interactions. I recommend it because it builds the team and strength the spirit of communication.
Maryam Abdallah Ali- Child protection- Ministry of Interior
What surprised me is the honesty in our communication and the ease. I felt so much respect and trust.
Although at first, I thought it would be difficult for us to sit together and have these tough heart to heart conversations, after doing TeamShift I realised it’s easy for me to have these discussions.
Mohamad Muhayer Al Shamsi
I’m blown away by the live interaction, being led step by step through the workbook, the way Chérine delivers the training and how we ended up being at ease and open to share our ideas.
Abir Abboud | Freelance Headhunter
Tania Blanco


Tania Blanco shares her story: why she joined The Courageous You 8 weeks Journey + what she got out of it + how it feels to work more intensively one on one.

It is very simple and creative. For me this workshop is turning the load of life into very achievable tasks, bringing lot of clarity into what I want and what I don’t want. It is rich, straight to the point and easy. Highly recommended. Thank you for designing and sharing it Chérine.
Roula Rabah
Chérine has the ability to present you with a broad canvas on all aspects of your life, she encourages you to work intuitively in order to discover and work with your core values. The workshop is very well structured, as each section and question lays the foundation to hone in more and more to what you truly desire.
Karen Kurzmeyer Yoga Teacher | Yoga Teacher |
great pace. excellent to have the journal on hand. Cherine’s energy and enthusiasm, I loved that you used examples. That we need to be honest about what we’re not excited about and remove them from our focus – stop expending energy on things that we don’t really care about. Something that has really been a disturbance is probably something that we have consistently complained about.

It really helps you get your year ahead into focus.

Aida Elhalwagy Educator/Mom

I loved identifying specific goals and actions, as well as feelings, about my dreams. Loved the pace of it too!
Setting a plan for the coming year and for life.
It’s a great resource if you have goals you feel you’re not reaching, or if you want to take charge of your life.

Sara Taher | Mother/Writer
it’s a great way to put your thoughts into focus or even remind yourself of focusing on yourself. Because that’s the crux right.. (if you’re not happy, how will you make others happier).
Lisha Mansukhani | Writer

“I learned to be more specific when I set my future Objectives and to prioritize measurable Goals.”

“Chérine worked at a fast pace and explained why. I’ve attended a couple of webinars focusing on goals for the following year before and always felt rushed, overwhelmed and out of my depth. I enjoyed working intuitively, it made sense to me and I found I had plenty to work with. “

“I loved that Chérine placed a lot of emphasis on core feelings, working with our intuition and emotions. That each task, goal or objective often came back to how it made or would make us feel.”

“Chérine’s passion and delivery with her message was as always bang on. “

“It’s a push to execute my plan, making things tangible, feeling easier to execute.”

“It’s practical, easy and resonates with my way of thinking.”

“I find at the moment and quite unexpectedly that I’m experiencing breakthroughs or getting clearer in terms of what I want and don’t want to do and be. Personally, the timing of the webinar was ideal as a lot came bubbling to.”

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