Do you have a deep burning desire in your belly to create a life full of meaning, passion and purpose, but you can’t seem to find the answers?


This book is for you.

Available in paperback + kindle

What excites you?

What’s your purpose?

What matters to you?

What do you long for?

Why are you here on Earth?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Asking bold questions demands bold answers. This gives us the opportunity to discover what we stand for, what lights us up, and realize who we’ve truly been all along.

Do What Lights You Up dives deep into topics such as fear, desire, authenticity, vision, courage, purpose, and self-worth, inviting you to recreate, redefine and retell your story so that you can unapologetically create a life you love and share your magic with the world.

Do What Lights You Up is your permission slip to take bold action towards your dreams, realize your full potential and step into the unconventional person you were born to be.

This book is an inward journey of self-exploration and self-discovery that gently guides you back to reconnecting with your wonderful heart and your soul truest desires. In that deep excavation, as you find your way back home to yourself, you will get reacquainted with what you love and cherish the most. You will uncover what moves you and makes you vibrate at the very core of your being. You will find what gives the most meaning to your life.

About the book.

Do What Lights You Up is your companion guide to discovering and declaring what lights you up. It will provide you with thought-provoking questions, open-ended prompts and creative exercises thoughtfully designed to show you how to:

Recognize where you got lost in the process of your life.
Uncover who you are, what you truly value, who you aspire to be.
Define what success on your terms means.
Find out where you are already naturally expressing your calling.
Eclipse fear, limiting beliefs, and inner criticism.
No longer be defined by your stories, limiting beliefs, and circumstances.
Discover your Zone of Genius, your unique gifts, and core strengths.
Create a compelling vision for your life and work.
Recommit to what truly matters to you in every area of your life.
Discover everything that you love and that brings you immense joy.
Find your true passion and true work in the world, regardless of any job you do or the role you play.
Take unapologetic action towards your dreams, no matter what.


Do What Lights You Up is a gift, a friend, a companion, and a guide that stays by your side as you take the journey to come face to face with your true self. You have always had a true purpose, so get ready to start living out your true destiny! This book gives you all the tools you need to get there. If you’re looking for a reason to finally trust that voice deep down inside you, you just found it.

– Maria Karakashian

What’s inside.



My Story ⋅ You’re The Artist Of Your Life ⋅ The Philosophy And Methodology ⋅ How To Use This Book



Trust Your Gut ⋅ How To Turn Dissatisfaction Into Inspiration ⋅ Your Non-Negotiables  What Are Your Core Values? ⋅ How Do You Want To Feel? ⋅ How To Raise Your Energy



Zone Of Genius: Your Unique Gift To The World ⋅ Embrace Your Weird ⋅ Your Superpowers ⋅ Your Definition Of Success ⋅ Life Purpose



Create A Vision That Turns You On ⋅ How To Write Your Vision ⋅ Other Creative Ways To Bring Your Vision To Life


Part Four: Fears

Who Is Your Inner Critic? ⋅ How To Fire Your Inner Critic ⋅ Fear Of Failure ⋅ Turn Your Story Around ⋅ Inner Critic, Meet Inner Fan ⋅ Helpful Thoughts That Eclipse The Fears


Part Five: Onward

The Art Of Being Yourself ⋅ How To Be Authentic ⋅ Make More Choices ⋅ Start Before You’re Ready ⋅ One More Thing ⋅ Thank You



It all started like this: It was 7:55am as I climbed the stairs heading into my office. Each step I took with my high 9cm khaki-coloured stiletto heels felt heavier. My knees were wobbling from exhaustion and anxiety. The know in my gut was excruciatingly painful. A voice in my gut kept repeating: Get the hell out of here! This is not for you! I couldn’t take that visceral, integrity-pain of feeling out of place and completely off alignment anymore.

I went into the bathroom, called my mum sobbing, ‘I can’t take this anymore. I just stepped into the office and it made me cry once again. It’s really beyond my control.’

It was one of the many conversations I had with Mum over the years, where she would patiently listen to me repeating myself about how dissatisfied I was doing what I was doing. I was running on empty. My body was screaming at me of exhaustion.

I sat at my desk, in muffled tears. I stared aimlessly at my screen. I attempted to reply to a client email. And in that unbearable dissonance, I made a decision. I picked up the phone and called my boss. I asked if I could have a word. A few minutes later, I barged into his office and stood in front of him. He greeted me with a lot of enthusiasm and praised me for winning that advertising pitch the other day, which made everything I was going to tell him ever more difficult. I remained standing because moving my body was the only way I could stand up for myself and say what’s on my heart.

Me: Thank you, Boss. This is where my journey with you guys ends though.

The Boss: What do you mean?




Each chapter is filled with honesty and heartfelt encouragement to help you stay focused, trusting in your process and uncovering your version of fulfilment.

This is a book that challenges each of us to take responsibility—to make our lives be about something. Do What Lights You Up will inspire readers of every age with any aspiration on how to redefine who they are, so they can pursue what they want unapologetically. It’s a playbook for making your life and desires count.

It's a thought process book, the journal of your journey, with no expiry date. You can always reinvent yourself and this book will be there to remind you of it. It's the book to grab when you are having a downer or second thoughts. When you are feeling doubtful or in need of a shift or a transformation.

Krystel Abimeri

This book is for you if you've been wondering, planning or procrastinating about your next steps in life. It's a blueprint to taking bold and brave steps into newness and clarity, whatever that means to you personally. With aha moments and fierce doses of reality, compassion, and empathy throughout the book, she leads you on a wonderful journey of realisation - listening to, healing, and loving yourself

Claudia Adams

Do What Lights you up enables us to go dig deep. Question. Reflect. Wonder. Spark. Rejoice. Even when you have to get out of your comfort zone, you still want to go on. In every part of the book, Chérine works her magic and makes me feel like I can do it effortlessly. She makes me feel so valued and worth it.

Krystel Abimeri

I am here to tell you that this is the book that will become dog-eared and worn because it never leaves your purse or backpack or your night stand. I have known Chérine Kurdi since she was 18. I've never met anyone as adept at trusting their gut. Every precious bit of insight she shares with you here is knowledge I have witnessed her painstakingly earn and work for at huge personal sacrifice and expense, year after year, until this book was ready. This is what she was born to do. Now do what you were born to do!

Raphaël Khouri

About the author.

After experiencing a brutal burnout that left her bedridden for a year, Chérine Kurdi, former brand strategist and corporate escapee turned Artist and Women’s Leadership Expert, went on a personal quest for radical fulfillment. After a decade of sharing her journey through intimate conversations, she’s created a program with the mission of helping multifaceted women do what lights them up the most. She fiercely advocates for the art of being yourself in a world that wants you to conform. Chérine empowers feelers to build a home within themselves; to live, love & create on their terms.

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