About me

About me

Even if we never meet, I want you to know this:

Life isn’t easy and you don’t have to suffer. There is a way to have your life and work flow in a way that feels true. It doesn’t need to take years, doubts and tears to get there.

I know that every woman has a calling.

You have something you were born to do, someone you were born to be. You have a particular slice of destiny that belongs to you, and to no one else. Just to you.

I believe that the world requires you to live your destiny. Professionally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. Fully live it with all that you are for all of us to evolve. This is why I do what I do.

I know that when a woman is connected to her true self, her desires and her individuality she can transform her life and those around her.

Yes this takes courage.

And I know you’ve got plenty of it because your desire to be you is stronger.

I live to unleash women from whatever is keeping them small, insufficient, unsupported, stoppable, and silent, and liberate them so they can connect back to their desires, find their voice and what lights them up and create a life they adore. A life on their own terms.

There’s nothing that moves me more than plugging a woman into her intuition, feelings, brilliance, sensuality and feminine power.


When we started working together, what surprised me is the discovery of how much my suppressed resentments and high achieving nature were affecting me. During our work, I started having better responses to negative or challenging things that came up during my daily routine, especially during the work day. I also give myself a break on perfectionist tendencies. I feel more confident in walking the fine line between having desires met and becoming too attached to specific outcomes this makes me more open to new opportunities.

— Tammy Powell | USA —

Hi I'm Chérine

I’m a Women’s Leadership Expert
 You might also call me a Soul Connector, your Creative Partner.

I help soulful ambitious and unconventional women who long to feel confident, but never quite feel like they're good enough. I guide them through the process of reconnecting to their truest self, so they can’t wait to share who they are with the world and play life by their own rules.

I know from my own  journey -and from helping hundred of courageous women - that stepping out with your soul, your heart, your philosophies and personal style can bring up some powerful resistance and cruel self-criticism.

I’d love to help you get through that so you can face forward and start creating a life on your own terms. Rather than fitting into anyone else's idea of how you should be. Instead, paint the canvas of your life the way you feel it.

Courageous women who are true to themselves and "lit up" change our world.

If we’re meeting for the first time, here’s what I want you to know about me and my work:

I have come to understand that we have a particular slice of destiny that belongs to us, and to no one else
I believe that the world requires us to live our destiny. Professionally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. Fully live it with all that we are. 

We're not taught in school and life to trust who we are and to take care of our heart and soul. I felt I wanted to do something about it... I wanted to help ambitious women who need real answers and need someone to accompany them to go inward.  The Courageous You is my method to achieve that.

I know when a woman is connected to her true self, her desires and her individuality, she can transform her life and those around her. I experience this myself everyday.

I also want to share my own
leaps of faith.

5 courageous moments in my life.

2004: I decided to take the leap from a highly paid and high pain corporate career as a Brand Strategist to an adventurous entrepreneurial life. I had no Plan B. The 3 core values that helped me make that leap were my desire for FREEDOM, CREATIVITY and CONTRIBUTION. Those and a pull for more meaning, beauty, adventure and depth.

2007:  I created a career based on my passions, my zone of genius, expertise and my lifestyle. Along the way I asked for help from mentors and professionals so I could take bolder steps towards my dreams.

2011: I decided to cut toxic friends/family out of my life. That was a very difficult choice for a hyper-sensitive who values connection. But I now understand the power of loving boundaries. During that time, I decided to stop my energy leaks (overwhelm, stress, perfectionism).  I learned how precious my Time, Energy and the Community I choose to be around were. 

Ever since I was born, I had the ability to remain connected to my true nature. I kept respecting my standards despite criticism as well as voicing my opinion on any topic. I'm very opinionated and I'm proud of being that way and stand my ground.

My fifth courageous moment was a vulnerable turning point where I learned to respect my own pace as a hypersensitive introvert. When it finally dawned on me that what I thought were my weaknesses - as an empath and unconventional woman that doesn’t want to fit in a box - were actually my core strengths. This transformed how I led my life, my business and all my relationships - and allowed me to heal my heart and be fully accepting of who I am.

My Professional Expertise:

I'm a US- Certified in Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Team Dynamics Facilitator.
I mentor and coach women in leadership.
I lead team workshops for corporations who care about their people and who want to create a collaborative atmosphere in their work place.
I created my own brand of fashion jewellery in 2004 and exhibited in leading concept stores.
I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2002 helping artists and creative entrepreneurs brand themselves.
I'm a marketer and brand strategist and worked with leading international agencies since 1999.

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