Courageous journey and commitment to Achieving Equality + her quest for Women’s rights


Real Conversation with Chérine interview series is to inspire other women through heart to heart talks with courageous women on redefining yourself and going for what you want. Transformation and change is hard for many. And so I want to explore that tipping point and pivotal moment when we say YES to who we truly are and go for our exciting choices. 

Guest ; Lina Abi Rafeh

Lina Abirafeh is Lebanese-Palestinian, Arab-American, and all sorts of hyphenated things. She spent 20 years in 20 countries, working on improving wome’s rights in places like Afghanistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, and so on.

She is a feminist activist who is committed to ending violence against women in her lifetime. She began this quest at 14 and has not stopped.

Lina received her Phd in development studies enabling her to “b*tch constructively” in academic circles, and as a consequence published a book on gender issues in Afghanistan with a big title (Gender and International Aid in Afghanistan: The Politics and Effects of Intervention) and other academic stuff. Lina writes, speaks, and provokes a LOT – she’s not one to stay silent!

She is currently the Director of The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World – IWSAW at the Lebanese American University, working at the intersection of academia and activism to build a foundation for gender equality in the Arab region.

In This Episode of Real Conversation with Chérine: Lina will share her Courageous Journey in achieving equality as a woman and also

How to align passion, purpose, principles – and your personal life!

Start where you stand – the idea that we can ALL do something, no matter how small to contribute.

The Importance of women supporting each other.

and much more..

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