Start because it makes you feel good


I get asked these very often ” how can I get rid of procrastination. How can I start this project or initiate that- I feel anxious. I’m not ready yet. I want to do this but I’m not really sure. I feel scared. I don’t have the confidence.
We both know putting off something that we so want to do puts lots of pressure. It takes a lot of mind space. The “I have to do this. I’ve got to start that “ nagging over our head like a stormy cloud. I won’t talk about how putting off something we’re dying to do just kills the joy out of our life- it’ll both give us a headache.

So here’s my take on that.

Start so you can experience beginner’s mind.
No pressure. being an amateur. asking people tons of questions. learning. taking notes. baby steps. doing the best you can. doing research. letting go of doing it right. perfectionism. and surrendering victim stories of I can’t and I should. Being a beginner relieves of the pressure of “looking good”. Everything is new. Mistakes are ok. It’s a learning curve. We’re on a learning curve until we leave this planet.

Start so you can do it again and again and again.
So now you know what you know. You know how it’s done. You do it again. The confidence expands your chest. Your solar plexus is open.You feel energized. You get more prepared.You get into details. You get organized. It’s starting to flow through you.

Start so you can improve what you’re doing
You’re starting to get the hang of it all. That may be a time for you to know more about what additional help you need and who to ask it from. So now new fresh ideas come to you. You’re relaxed about how to do it so you’re more focused on the possibilities on improving. You connect the dots. Ideas come to you even more as you get more relaxed. That’s where your most brilliant ideas come to life. This is when you feel that you are  the flow. That magic and synchronicity start to manifest in every encounter, with every conversation, every clear intention on improving what you’re doing.

Start to know exactly how do you feel about it
You and I can sit forever talking and talking about what we dream to do, have and experience. We both know that only action creates clarity. And knowing how you feel about what you’re doing gives you that clarity to make precise decisions. Knowing how you feel about it is a very precious guide for deep realizations. Well the aim is to feel good- right. How are you feeling in the process? energized? disconnected? stressed out? like your on purpose? smily? in your zone? Trust what your body tells you. Your body is a faithful messenger.

Start it so you really know what matters- to you.
That’s when you really know why you’re doing what you’re doing. What you’re really doing it for. fame? fun? inspiration? success? contribution? connection? Why is it so important for you.  That’s when you know. you might change your mind. change the course.  give it your all. find something else to give your all to. prioritize. adjust the sail. accelerate. slow down. quit. start something new. expand. partner up. break up. delegate. initiate. And they’re all valid because you know what matters to you.

Start it so that you learn that you’re the one who started it and you’re the one to end it- when the time is right for you.
We don’t really talk about this. But there’s an immense pressure when we’ve created something or started something and realise at some point that it doesn’t work for us anymore. I felt this numerous times and I can say that we’ve got to learn to quit stuff, people and situations that don’t work for us because they just don’t. And it can be hard sometimes because we get attached. We’re personally invested. A part of us feels sad. like a looser. It’s normal. It’s all energy. Remember, everything you’ve done will get transformed into something that you want to do and that feels good to you. You’re whole life is content. Recycle and start again.

Oh and Whatever starting point we’re at. Beginner’s mind remains so valuable.

When you allow yourself to start. You get invaluable wisdom that you can’t really find in books. You feel that immense satisfaction that fills your heart and you’ll collect stories to share with us and inspire us with. 

NOW BACK TO YOU: at which starting point are you and what are you struggling with? what do you want to do differently from now on. Leave a comment on your experience.

Go. Start. Live your story. Share it with us.



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