The resolution that works. My 2015 wish. One year celebration


Here we are it’s 2015.
It’s the end of January.
Time flies. Yes. Super fast.

Thank you for being here. for reading. commenting. asking your questions. and engaging in your own unique way.

Today marks a year of online celebration.
It’s true I’ve been doing this work for more than 8 years now. And at the beginning of 2014, I decided to create my online home My intention was to connect in a virtual way for us to evolve and be our best self ever- in relationships, in our work and first and foremost with ourselves.

At that time, I had just sent an invitation to those who knew me and those I work with and the response was heart warming. The number of people who joined the list just blew me away. It’s a very special feeling of being appreciated and encouraged at a start of a project. It feels to me like this invisible wind beneath my wings that helps me soar. Thank you for allowing me to experience this precious feeling.

What I wish you in 2015
My wish for you for 2015 isn’t really a wish.
It’s a deep realisation. It’s a strategy I adopt and I want to share it with you. It’s a very strong foundation of the work I do.

Being true to who you are, respecting your standards, your values, your feelings , what you want and your own unique way of being and doing– ARE all very powerful tools within you to make you overcome any challenge, any feelings of self doubt, any obstacle that pops up along the way.

I wish you to always care for these. To trust them. They are that intelligent built in compass within you.

Your wellbeing is the heart of the matter. invariably.

2015 resolution
By the way I’m not into resolutions. I’ve never been.
I choose to move away from never ending checklists and frustration. You know this kind of frustration because life comes in the way of what we wish to do, be, have and experience. Yes that one. The one that makes us feel we didn’t really quite do what we wanted.

And so, What works for me are setting soulful intentions. They keep me free, liberated and joyful. They keep me anchored in flexibility. Moving away from feverishness. Intentions are very powerful and simple ways of creating a supportive energy around what you wish to build, achieve and accomplish. What makes you feel good.They also contribute into making choices that supports who you are, what you want and what you desire to create. With these intentions at heart, we feel we create our own life.

Intentions are like a mantra. Intentions are words we repeat to ourself to stay in concentration.

My 4 top core intentions for this coming year are:

:: Creativity as my driving force to infuse my multi passionate heart into my work and life.
:: Focus on the important. the here and now. the essentials. simplifying.
:: Movement of the body and my spirit. free. in a dance. forward motion.
:: Loving Boundaries fiercely devoted to knowing what drama belongs to me and what doesn’t.

NOW BACK TO YOU:  what are the major intentions you have for yourself for this coming year. Share your top 3. It has to make deep sense to you. Pick the ones that give you most joy and lightness. How will you bring that intentional energy into your practical day to day.

If you feel your intentions aren’t surfacing with ease. It’s ok. that happens. Having your awareness tuned in on what they are is just enough. Remember: Your heart knows. Your body knows.

Intention is a profound meditation that keeps us moving in the direction of what our heart and soul desire the most. Tweet: Intention is a profound meditation that keeps us moving in the direction of what our heart and soul desire the most.

Thank you for being part of my world and I’ll catch you in the comment area.


P.S. In the days to come, I’ll be sharing some exciting news. stay tuned.
P.P.S. I just realised I missed writing to you.


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