When emotional pain helps us move forward


There’s a lot of little things that distract us on a daily basis. Those little things that make us drift away from our joy. That little voice in the head that says “that’s not what I planned for” “It’s not as expected” “I didn’t want this”. “why is it going the wrong way”.

We all know we need to melt into that disappointment and let it be. Breathe in. Breathe out. Accept.

We all know that self-awareness and surrender are our salvation. It’s a conscious effort sometimes. Yes.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

The truth is our judgement may be too high sometimes for us to go beyond it. Our anger too inflamed. Our disappointment too overwhelming. We feel highjacked from our own composure. We’re too entangled in our own feelings. We just can’t seem to melt into it and do the whole” I’m above this” vibe.

It’s fine. We’re human. Our feelings are legitimate. No one is here to grade us.

Actually, it’s when the pain of disappointment, anger, and other exhausting feelings become so unbearable to us that the only possible kindness towards ourself is just to melt with it, accept it and let it be.

It’s how much emotional pain we’re willing to withstand before we just decide it’s enough.

We’re the only one to decide.

Cherine Kurdi

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