How to deal with disappointment and things crumbling down.


I had a huge lesson/realization some years back that I keep reminding myself when things go funky or when I start flirting with disappointment. I want to share this learning with you.

Lives, relationships, friendships, love, health, situations, projects, economies, businesses, dreams, careers, goals- they fall apart because they need to. They need to because they weren’t built right in the first place.

And when they fall apart, it’s painful because so much is at stake. Because it feels like a huge failure. Like a loss. Like the end. Because the ego and heart get bruised in the process. I know you’ve felt this before.

The last time something devastating happened- I decided not to get distracted by the emotional pain attached to it. I consciously took many steps back (many). I saw it’s an opportunity for me to build and create in a way that feels more solid. More truthful. more in alignment with who I am. More in resonance with my values.

Just looking at it as an ‘opportunity to rebuild’ gave me a way forward feeling whole, smart and owning my life ( and avoiding unnecessary self-doubt +self pity).

I’m still not immune to things falling apart.

I really don’t want to focus my energy on being immune. I’m human. Still what works is that I make it a conscious exercise to build stronger foundations.

And I know now. Things crumble down because the foundations on which they were built need to be relaid. They crumble down in our life because they weren’t built right in the first place.

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