Acceptance. Accepted. Accepting


Acceptance is such an important theme in our lives.

Feeling accepted as we are. Feeling we’re accepting others as they are.

It can be difficult sometimes because we want things to be in a certain way or there is a particular feeling we’re seeking from the person or situation and we don’t get it and it makes us feel frustrated , sad and unaccepted. That’s normal. It happens to all of us.

It’s just that being accepting: of who we are, of how we feel our life and how we express ourselves and our needs– is our basic rights. Respecting our basic right allows us to consider that others have the same basic right tooeven if they don’t make sense to us.

Acceptance is just respecting that we each have our own special way to be.
It’s moving away from how people should be with us and Moving away from how we should be. Just being ok with what is. loving what is. Even if it doesn’t fit our ideal image.

There ‘s no right or wrong way to do this.

It’s just a freeing perspective.



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