Why some people are not good for you


Some people are not good for you because:

:: in their presence a part of you will contract. Shrink. Because of criticism, boredom, a general malaise and toxic behaviour. Because of  poisoned words, manipulation, energy sucking and never ending complaining.

:: You will be less of who you are and it’ll exhaust you. it’ll cost you time and soul energy. Because You’ll downplay your genius and brilliance. Hide your talents. Shine less. Refrain. Keep it in.

:: You’ll overdo it- it will drain you. Because of your need to fit in and be good. Because you’re wired to please.

:: It will take you away from your true self. You’ll have to downplay your genius and wit. Keep your superpowers to yourself. Act dumb. Withhold your truth. Your thoughts. Your opinions. Your mojo.

Toxic relationships is a reality.

We won’t change who they are. We don’t want to.

See, we’ve got to adjust our behaviour and responses to them.

Adjust the time we spend with them. Are they the lifetime person? The weekend person? The 3 hours person? the 10minutes tops? The “there’s no time for you in my schedule” person? Respect your time. Get clear about the time you’re willing to give away. Only you know your threshold. Honour it.

We really have to adjust our interaction with them.

So the next time you meet, have a drink, dine, work, socialize, get into a partnership, connect, play.

Ask yourself: will this create more expansion in me?

Ask yourself this question and trust your answers.

Expansion feels good.



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