Voices. Battles. And staying true


In our life time, there will be many voices we’ll have to listen to.

These voices telling us how we have to live. How we have to behave. What we have to say. What we have to do and how we have to do it and with whom. What choices we should make and what is the best for us.

These voices will always know what’s the best for you.

They will be present every step of your way. Every day. And they’ll be available all the time telling you the shoulds, the don’ts, the have tos and the musts. Many of them will be well intentioned family, parents, friends and your other half, your children, your boss and even neighbours and strangers.

Some will be great advice and valuable guidance. Some others will be mediocre and upsetting- borderline insensitive. And some will be so noisy in their silence they’ll become unbearable to listen to.

At times, these voices will bind you. Condition you. Mold you. Handicap you. Censor you. Make you fit in that norm, in the ‘right’ way. They’ll be so authoritative in some instances that it’ll force you to integrate, to conform and to desperately adapt. At a high price- loosing your own clear and distinct voice.

There will be many voices you’ll hear in your life time. These voices will always be around you. it’ll be useless to fight them. This battle will drain your very soul and dampen your spirit. It’ll be useless. A waste of your precious time and energy. Rather, I’d like to invite you to a battle that’ll be worth your while…

…It’s the battle to strive with determination to make sure you always distinctly hear your own voice amidst that cacophony.

That’s a battle never to give up on. Cos when you do surrender, it creates a total disconnection with who you are and what you want. Provoking all sorts of fears. Paralysis Analysis. Foggy thinking. Identity crisis. Loss of self and total unhappiness.

When the voices around you get overwhelming, here’s how to make sure you strongly remain plugged into your own unique voice:

:: Don’t listen to your loved ones unless they reconnect you with who you are. (you’ll feel it in your heart and in your guts)

:: Don’t listen to me unless it resonates with who you are and what you stand for and your aspirations.(you’ll feel it in your guts and in your heart)

:: Don’t listen to you unless you’re listening to the part of light within you. To that side that has a kind and uplifting voice that whispers:

“I love this”.

“This strongly resonates with me”.

“I want to do this, It feels good”.

“I appreciate me”.

“I’m proud of myself”.

“That’s right for me” .

“That’s who I am”. “That’s how I feel”.“That’s what I need”. “That’s what I want”. “That’s what I choose”.

[You’ll feel it in your guts and heart and everywhere]

When you’ve lost your way these whispers will guide you through. Like a north star.

Make it a radical point to always listen to that voice in you that wants your good.

It has a deep knowing and wisdom.

Trust it. Amplify it.

High Pitched Liberation!


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