The Wisdom of Failure


That’s what makes us stop dead in our tracks: The abnormal fear of failure. The fear of failing. The fear of doing something wrong and everything we’ve worked on crumbles down.

It’s the biggest mistake. We lost. We didn’t do it right. Not quite perfectly. We missed the whole point. Bad decision. Wrong Choice. Complete Shame.
We fear that so much sometimes, that we desperately look for guarantees. We exhaust ourselves by looking for them. We feverishly need the guarantees that it’s going to work. That it’ll be a success. That’s how we stay stuck where we are. And you get that nagging question in your head:”Will I fail? Will I fail?”

Will you fail?

Yes, you will.
You will fail. With all certainty you will.
We all do- at some point.
I have. You have. They have.
At school. At work. In a relationship. With a friend. With your kids. With your lover. With a project. A wrong choice. A hasty move. A slower one.
Failure is inevitable.
And it’s a good place to be in.
Although painful, foolish and shameful at times.
That’s the way you’ll be able to tell
a story. Your story. A story that’ll inspire.
With each failure a story is born and each one of your stories becomes more powerful and feeds your experience.

We need you to take in the insights of your failures. We need your stories and inspirations. And above all, we need your journey of overcoming the obstacles. Your breakthroughs. Your wisdom. Your discoveries. Your persistence. We need you to share your story with us so we can believe that we can and will overcome too.

But first, respect your failures.
Make a celebration out of your past and present ones. Notice what worked and what didn’t. Take in the learnings and wisdom. Make adjustments. Change your approach until you reach your soulful goal.

Let’s give our failures a round of applause. A standing ovation. Let’s give them more credit. They really do serve us. Much more than we’re willing to admit.

So now back to you: What’s your story? what are your stories? Share your experience with those who are eagerly waiting to listen to you.

With gratitude,

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