The Golden Tip


As we start something new and go towards change, we may get some resisting thoughts. It’s normal. It’s human.

As we go through our adventure of change together in this coming year, some thoughts will be popping up in your head. So, I decided to address them now. You’ll find the following Golden tip very useful in keeping you focused along the way. It’ll help you train yourself to have the right mind set to take in my upcoming soul provoking emails AND It’ll also prove to be very useful in your day to day life when you converse with your family, friends, lover and colleagues. It’ll boost you up in moments of frustration. And make use of your time in dinners, meetings, workshops and seminars.

See, every day we are exposed to information, wisdom and opinions. That happens all the time via TV, Radio, Social Media, Books, People you talk to. So, we get that general sense that every time we listen to something it’s as if we know it already. And that is a major obstacle in your personal growth. So here are two popular ‘Obstacle Thoughts’ that might hinder your growth and I give you strategies on how you can turn them around to your favour.

Obstacle Thought #1: “I know this already!” or ”Yes I Know that” (sometimes comes as a brain yawn)

When that thought pops up, turn it around and Ask yourself the right question such as: “How can this best serve me?” or “What Can I learn from this?”. Cos even if we’ve been exposed to a piece of information before, we always learn a new concept, an interesting angle and new perspective.

REMEMBER: Knowing something conceptually and theoretically is different than actually and practically. When you put that knowledge into practice, you create new opportunities for growth and learning.

Obstacle Thought #2: “Will this work for me?”

Turn this question around to ‘How can this work for me?’, ‘How can I benefit from this?’ or ‘How can this benefit someone I know?’.

THE OUTCOME: Your brain will start thinking creatively. Your mind will give you ideas and connections that you haven’t thought of before- and that’ll give you an edge. You’ll be proactive and take responsibility on how YOU want to stir your own personal growth.

But what is The Golden Tip exactly you may ask?

The Golden tip is: Ask yourself the right questions! And when you do, possibilities, opportunities and inspirations are just offered to you instantly.

NOW BACK TO YOU: What’s your recurring obstacle thought? Since wisdom means nothing without action- TAKE ACTION NOW- In which situation or area of your life you know you’d want to practice more turning it around and asking yourself the right questions to spark possibilities? If that is something new to you, then try it out and let me know how it goes. Reply back in the comment area.

Can’t wait to read you.


P.S. Feel free to share with someone you know who needs to hear this. Let’s spread the good vibes.

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