January 2014: I’m starting before I’m ready


I’m terrified. I’m excited. I’m starting before I’m ready.

I’ve been reflecting on the past 12 months. The amazingness that unfolded. The lessons learnt. And looking forward, asking the questions: what will I create in 2014? With whom? and, for whom? What fires do I want to start? [r]Evolutions do I want to spark? How many people can I reach? Can I serve and contribute to- in the year to come?

TODAY starts a stunning new adventure. One that didn’t exist in 2013. My own personal [r]Evolution- My online presence. A place where I can share in depth wisdom on practical ways to live our wisest, happiest, most loving self. — where we learn once and for all not to compromise on our authenticity and standards whether in life, love and work. so THANK YOU, that was sparked and encouraged by all of you Family and Friends, Clients and Followers.

So I’m sitting here right now imagining all of us in this new tribe of [r]evolutionists and a powerful questions keeps popping up in my head:

What will all our lives look like a year from now? As we sit 12 months away- on the final day of 2014. What will we all have built? How will we have grown? Served? Made meaning? Loved? Created? Felt? Experienced? Overcome?

I can’t wait to answer that question all together.

I’d love to have You on it with me.

With gratitude,


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