Find Your

Find Your

You’re at a turning point.
You’re dissatisfied in your work.
You’ve been contemplating a change in your career.

You feel drained after your day at work. A part of you feels the need to express yourself more creatively. It feels you’re running through the motion and every time you want to take a leap you’re scared. Your thoughts race: Will I make it? Can I make it? Is it the good time? Do I have the talent? do I have to start my studies all over again for this? Do I have the money for this?

You desire more freedom of time, self expression and creativity.

You’re multi passionate and feel that you lack the focus to put your attention on just one thing you want to do. How can you combine all your passions? How can you choose?

You’d love to be more you at what you do.
You want to know what you’re passionate about.
You want to muster the courage to take the leap and move towards
You want to feel the joy and enthusiasm when you start your morning.

I created Find Your Passion just for that.

It’s a fun, deep 9 sessions 1-1 program over 6 to 8 weeks for you to quickly know what you’d love to do. Each session is one 40mn long.

What you’ll get:

  • You’ll have clarity of what you love to do, what you’re passionate about.
  • You’ll uncover your core strengths, your talent and what you’re naturally good at.
  • You’ll understand your core values and how important they are to create a strong business foundation.
  • You’ll know which dreams you have to drop and those you have to pursue.
  • Your fear of starting and exploring will dissolve.

Program details

Session 1

Know yourself

Getting clear about what is important for you, what motivates you and what your core strengths are.

Session 2

Dive into your passions

Understanding your why and drive.

Session 3

Map out and Envision

Creating a vivid image of where you’re heading.

Session 4

Working through Fears

Adopting new strategies on managing and handling fears and sabotaging thoughts.

Session 5

Focus, Choice & Decision-making

Knowing which passions and ideas should be pursued and those that need to drop.

Session 6

Creating the support

Finding your tribe and allies who will support you during your journey.

This is absolutely for you if:

  • You’re ready for real self discovery of what you’re meant to do in this lifetime – your purpose. your passion, your life’s work.
  • You crave individuality. Freedom. And leading a meaningful life.
  • You feel a bit off in what you’re doing right now and you want to bring more of YOU into it.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not interested in growing and expanding your horizon and learning about yourself.
  • You want a cookie cut solution. Not ready to do the work. You’re ok with how things are.

Whether you change your career or not, it’s your decision.
Whether you start a business or not, it’s your decision.

Doing what you love is your right and Find Your Passion will change what you do for a living and the way you do it.

This will formulate the soul base of a business idea. that means you will be very clear on what is important for you so you can move forward with clarity.


Why is it 6 sessions only?

Life is too short to waste your talent feeling doubtful. I want you to shine. Now.

Can we continue working together after the 8 weeks program?

Yes, of course.

What if I never find my passion?

Oh, I promise you will. As long as you’re alive, there’s always something you love to be and do. It’s all about putting your focus on it to pursue it.


Email support between our sessions – you have access to me anytime via email for questions, to hold you accountable.

How do we work?

Via Skype. 1 hour session each for 4 to 8 weeks. Homework in between sessions for Reflection. Introspection. Digestion.

Investment on yourself is 1,800 USD

Important note: the content of our sessions whether business or personal is confidential.