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Welcome to The Feminine Leadership Circle.


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Welcome to The Feminine Leadership Circle.

Join The FREE members only Facebook Community for freedom-seeking ambitious women who desire to create a life and career that lights you up from the inside out- based on who they really are.

Gutsy Women is a safe and trusting place to help align mindset, heart set and soul set so you move towards your goals, dreams, aspirations, passion projects, priorities and surrender your excuses, stories, fears and blockages. Because as women, we have so much pressure to juggle different roles in our life (sister, daughter, mother, professional, lover, wife, business owner, goddess, colleague, friend and other undeclared roles) and very often find ourself that our own personal goals drop in priority and we get side tracked.

Gutsy Women welcomes professionals, entrepreneurs, singles, mothers, growth junkies, free spirits, wild souls, perfectionists, multi-passionates, creatives, dreamers, hopeful romantics and rebels with a cause.

The Gutsy Women Circle is perfect for you if:

  • You feel you’ve put your own personal dreams on hold because of fear or circumstances.
  • You have big dreams that you want to bring to reality.
  • You want to discover your passions.
  • You want to create magical relationships with those you love.
  • You want to know yourself, gain confidence, grow and create a life and business you love.
  • You’d love to have a genuine space where you can inspire and feel inspired.
  • You are secretly proud of yourself of always wanting to improve and learn.
  • You’d love to connect with other smart and soulful women for growth, confidence boosts, encouragement, accountability, connection and laughs.
  • You have a deep desire to be more you in your life, work and love.

We join together to connect, motivate, inspire, encourage and challenge the status quo of what is really possible for our lives.

I can't wait to meet you.

Come as you are. In flats. In heels.

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