Ditch stress + overwhelm.

Recommit to what matters.

Create an exciting plan for 2021
that lights you up.




Ditch stress + overwhelm.

Recommit to what matters.

Create an exciting plan for 2021
that lights you up.


In this online workshop you’ll:

★ Learn the number one driving force that makes you feel powerful in every life situation. (It’ll surprise you)

★ Recommit to what truly matters to you in every area of your life. (because all areas matter)

★ Redefine what your personal success means

★ Spark your passions with a clear plan of where you need to put your focus and heart on.

Explore the concept of how you can do less so you can be more present.

★ Make space for yourself, your relationships, your dreams and aspirations. (even when life is hard)

What past participants say…

Roula Rabah

It is very simple and creative. For me this workshop is turning the load of life into very achievable tasks, bringing lot of clarity into what I want and what I don’t want.
It is rich, straight to the point and easy. Highly recommended. Thank you for designing and sharing it Chérine.

Abir Abboud
Freelance Headhunter

I’m blown away by the live interaction, being led step by step through the workbook, the way Chérine delivers the training and how we ended up being at ease and open to share our ideas.

 Karen Kurzmeyer
Yoga Teacher

Chérine has the ability to present you with a broad canvas on all aspects of your life, she encourages you to work intuitively in order to discover and work with your core values.
The workshop is very well structured, as each section and question lays the foundation to hone in more and more to what you truly desire.

"I feel so much clarity, this year I grew up a lot, and I feel I got it due to the courses I had with u Chérine. God bless you so much."

"stop list is great practice. I will begin by stop postponing !"

"thank you very much Cherine! big big value you share with us! thank you all magic women! ♥"

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I loved every part of it. Thank you thank you thank you ♥"

Hi, I’m Chérine, I’m a Women’s Leadership Expert and author of Do What Lights You Up. I help hypersensitive women on a mission uncover their zone of genius, show up as their real unique self and trust who they are – in life, business and love.

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