Find Your Passion

So you can lead your life.

Find Your Passion

So you can lead your life.








You feel drained at the end of every day.
A part of you feels the need to express yourself more creatively.

It feels you’re running through the motions and every time you want to take a leap — you’re scared.

Your thoughts race:

Will I make it?
Can I make it?
Is it a good time?
Do I have the talent?
Do I have to start my studies all over again for this?
Do I have the money for this?

Maybe you’ve got:

  • Many passions but you’re not sure which one to follow.
  • A business idea or new career path but you’re not 100% sure it’s the right one for you.
  • You feel a part of you is not fully expressed.
  • A desire for more impact and purpose.


Then you’ve come to the right place.








This is the course that gets you UNSTUCK –
so you know who you are, what comes natural to you, what you’d love to do,
and infuse your passion into your existing career,
or discover a new career path for you.

This is the course that gets you UNSTUCK – so you know who you are, what comes natural to you, what you’d love to do, and infuse your passion into your existing career, or discover a new career path for you.

You’re multi-passionate and feel that you lack the focus to put your attention on just one thing you want to do.


How can you combine all your passions?
How can you choose?

You’d love to be more you at what you do.

You want to know what you’re passionate about.

You want to muster the courage to take the leap and move forward.

You want to feel the joy and enthusiasm when you start your morning.

Find Your Passion gently guided me back to reconnect with my heart and to get in touch with what I love and cherish the most in this life. Through simple steps, I have been able to recognize where I got lost into the process of my life, so I can now see a brand new and joyful path towards my passions.

Going through this process with Chérine made me realize that being just who I am is not only enough, it is fantastic, and I have to take care of my treasures!

I now realize how legitimate it is to listen to my hearth and my truth. I now dare to consider my passions as a top priority in my life. The quality of Chérine’s coaching is remarkable. Her joy is contagious and brings a lot of motivational energy on this path of reconnecting to our own joy. Thank’s a lot!

– Marie-Pierre Fréchette | Architectural Technologist | Canada

In this course you will learn to:


☆ Find your passion in 28 days so you can finally do what lights up and have the courage to pursue your dreams and aspirations – unapologetically.

Be yourself, trust yourself and your quirkiness, your vulnerability and sensitivity so you infuse your personality into your vocation/business/work and show up as who you are.

Own your superpowers + your life purpose so you never have to compare yourself to others ever again. So you can finally create an impact in your business/life on your own terms in a way that feels good to you first.

To follow your passion, you have to have the courage to figure out what you love and who you really are.

Let Chérine’s energy and passion energize you! She’s done a great job of getting me not only curious about my true passions but also expertly led the way to actually discovering my future business idea – and some long-lost passions I definitely want to pursue on the side as a hobby.

– Sabine Indinger | Recovering Business Consultant | Austria

Find Your Passion helps you reconnect with what drives you,

what your core strengths are, figure out what you love, who you really are and gives you the courage go for it.

Find Your Passion helps your reconnect with what drives you,

what your core strengths are, figure out what you love, who you really are and gives you the courage to start the right business with your passion.

I created Find Your Passion to help you:

  • Know who you are and what lights you up.
  • Get clarity on what you really want and become unstuck.
  • Discover everything you love and find your true passion, meaning and purpose.
I’m Chérine, a women’s leadership expert for highly sensitive entrepreneurial women. I work with my clients internationally and more intimately through online group coaching intensives. My greatest mission is to help unconventional women trust themselves, feel enough and go for what they want *unapologetically*. I bring into my mentoring 15+ years corporate experience as brand strategist working with leading advertising and branding multinationals in the Middle East and North Africa. As well as my expertise as a US-certified Executive, Teams & Relationship coach.

In 2004, despite my highly paid career I felt dissatisfied with the lack of purpose in my job, I  decided to take a leap of faith to start my own lifestyle business based on my desire for more passion,  creativity, freedom, contribution and impact.

My Women’s Leadership Online Programs focus on helping women stop playing small. I support you in redefining your true self and your core drive and fully own it so you can lead from the heart and take on an assertive and courageous role- in life, business and love.

I created Find Your Passion to save you time, money and painful self doubt so you can figure out what you love to do and what brings you most joy and meaning.

Find Your Passion
is a 4-week online course.

In only 4 weeks, you’ll find true passion so you can act upon it with courage.

Find Your Passion
is a 4-week online course.

In only 4 weeks, you’ll find true passion so you can act upon it with courage.

Since undertaking the courses, I have developed a tool kit for personal transformation. I feel more positive about developing and taking my passion to new levels. Find Your Passion is well thought out and easy to understand. And I love Chérine’s generosity of spirit.

– Lissa-Jane de Sailles | Artist | Australia

Find Your Passion has helped me recognize my own inner voice.
I have learned to respect my quirky side and look at it as a valuable asset. The course made me go deep inside of myself and uncover what is really unique about me. 

– Mónica Ramírez López |  Communication Specialist

What’s inside

Find Your Passion

It is a very clear actionable course where you’ll know exactly what to do next.

What’s inside

Find Your Passion

It is a very clear actionable course where you’ll know exactly what to do next.

Program Details

Module 1:

Reconnecting to Your True, Quirky Self

Getting clear about what is important for you, what motivates you and what your core strengths are.

Module 2:

Creating Your Outrageous Vision

Understanding your why and drive.

Module 3:

Owning Your Edge:
Declaring Your Passions, Super Powers and Gifts

Creating a vivid image of where you’re heading.

Module 4:

Courage: How to Feel the Fear and Go for It Heart and Soul

Adopting new strategies on managing and handling fears and sabotaging thoughts.





– When you sign up, you get immediate access to The Course and you can start taking action.

– Every week, for 4 weeks, you get access to a new module. You’ll receive a weekly email with instructions and description of each module. Each module is made up of several lessons. Each lesson includes an instructional video and where relevant downloadable worksheet.

– Inside the private Facebook group you’ll have the support of other participants.

– The Facebook group is one of the best ways to get inspired, start to think big, and take action.

– We encourage participants to share their progress every step of the way. The best part about Find Your Passion Course is the supportive community.

– When you sign up, you get immediate access to The Self Study Course and you can start taking action.

I dived into FYP with trust (because you inspire trust dearest Chérine) and hope (because you always make sure we feel that). My trust and hope were rewarded.

Now I know my inner self better and more importantly can put names to the emotions and feelings I have.  Each lesson and each module brought me clarity and knowledge. I have learnt an amazing, joyful way to see things, process information and a  fantastic way to make decisions.

The whole process I went through in FYP was a revelation and it made/makes me feel serene and at peace with myself. Somehow I let go of anger and frustration.

FYP really helped me with my vision of how I want my life to feel and what I need to do about it.

Thank you Cherine, you are a beautiful soul and an amazing coach.

 – Tala Beydoun | Retired teach and aspiring Feng Shui Student | Lebanon

What’s included in

Find Your Passion?


What’s included in

Find Your Passion?


– 4 modules with more than 12 step by step video lessons.

–  Each module is made up of several lessons. Each lesson includes an instructional video.

– Practical assignments

– Downloadable worksheets to have all your thoughts in one place.

Your investment for

Find Your Passion


Your investment for

Find Your Passion


Your Commitment to do the exercises as they are laid out.

Your Time now so that you can have more money later.

What do you get from

Find Your Passion?


What do you get from

Find Your Passion?


When you show up and invest in yourself by doing each exercise as instructed, you can expect one or more of the following to happen:

– You’ll get unstuck and stop overthinking everything.
– You’ll have reconnected with your true passion.
– You’ll have found the right business idea or profession to make your lifestyle business a reality
– You’ll have a vision for your business and your personal life.
– You’ll be inspired by other soon-to-be entrepreneurs like you.
– You’ll know exactly what to do next to turn your passion into profits.


  • You’ll have clarity of what you love to do, what you’re passionate about.
  • You’ll uncover your core strengths, your talent and what you’re naturally good at.
  • You’ll understand your core values and how important they are to create a strong business foundation.
  • You’ll know which dreams you have to drop and those you have to pursue.
  • Your fear of starting and exploring will dissolve.


It gave me a different perspective/way of looking at the things around me and in me that usually pass without being noticed. I just started and just by watching the very first lessons. I find them enlightening as they help me structure my thoughts.  I find myself also paying more attention to everything I’m doing and the motivation behind that. 

– Joelle Khoury | Architect | UAE

Who is Find Your Passion for?


Who is Find Your Passion for?



  • You’re ready for real self discovery of what you’re meant to do in this lifetime – your purpose. your passion, your life’s work.
  • You crave individuality. Freedom. And leading a meaningful life.
  • You feel a bit off in what you’re doing right now and you want to bring more of YOU into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Find Your Passion for?

Professionals, entrepreneurs, change makers and any human who is curious about uncovering their core strength and potential. Find your Passion is for those who want to start living a life driven by passion, purpose and impact and who understand that it all starts with self reflection. Find your Passion is also for those who have started taking a courageous step but are doubting what they’re doing right now. Find your Passion is for action takers and those who have the positivity, patience and perseverance to find their true passion and bring more impact to the world.

Who is the Find your Passion not for?

You’re not interested in growing and expanding your horizon and learning about yourself. You want a cookie cut solution. Not ready to do the work. You’re ok with how things are.

What’s included in Find your Passion?

more than 12 video lessons, with worksheets and practical assignments.

What’s not included in Find your Passion?

This is the self study version of the course. So it’s a do it on your own process. If you desire additional support and coaching from me you can reach out to

What kind of support is included in Find your Passion?
What’s the price?

The investment for the 4 weeks self study course is $300.

What’s your refund policy?
What if I have a question that is not answered here?

You can reach out to with your specific questions.

What kind of entrepreneurs and professionals sign up for the Find your Passion?

The kind who really want to move from dreaming to taking action and from feeling stuck to having clarity.

How much time do I need to invest into Find your Passion?

I designed it so it can come with both depth and ease. I recommend that you go through a module a week so you give yourself that space to reflect. So that by the end of 28 days you have some sort of clarity. But mostly trust your own pace.

What’s the difference between Find your Passion and The Courageous You?
Do you guarantee that I find my true passion?

If you believe that there’s something you were born to do, someone you were born to be- then you’re guaranteeing this to yourself that you will use every teaching and training in Find Your Passion to help you reach your goal.

What if i never find my passion?

Oh, I promise you will. As long as you’re alive, there’s always something you love to be and do. It’s all about putting your focus on it to pursue it.

What do I need to do to join one of your Group Coaching or Mentorship programs?

If you’ve read this far,

then I know you’re ready.

You are ready to know yourself better so you can do work you love

You are ready to live from your passion.

You are ready for find your passion.

Life is too short to waste your talent feeling doubtful.

Whether you change your career or not, it’s your decision.

Whether you start a business or not, it’s your decision.

Doing what you love is your right and Find Your Passion will change what you do for a living and the way you do it.

This will formulate the soul base of a business idea. that means you will be very clear on what is important for you so you can move forward with clarity.

– Testimonials –

You’ll find that you are by far more colorful than you ever believed you were! Just dive in and enjoy the bliss and the new knowledge!

– Nathalie Rubeiz | Interior Architect | Lebanon

This course helped me to be more open to the world! To believe in my potentials and that I CAN and I WILL do what I am capable of doing in life! And that nothing is impossible as long as we have a good will and enthusiasm.

– Jamale Maatouk | Insurer | Lebanon

I love the quality of the content. The systematic way and structure of the course reduces the difficulty to go through/accept the ideas that take my energy. it’s like going to gym with a skilled trainer, who reminds you that some muscles exists , who shows you some forethought ways and makes you feel that you can do it!

– Roula Rabah | Manager | Promotion Department | Lebanon

It revived things. It definitely helped me. I found it motivating to make a change.

 – Andrea Alessi | Argentina

This course helped me to hear my soul, my heart, inspired my mind.

– Anna Jakonczuk | Artist | Poland

It did helped me to go deep into inner self and the real version of me. It is important to understand that our passion doesn’t come from things we do now but also what we used to do in the past and analyse our daily routines.

– Yasmeen Al Hemyari | Health & Safety Officer | UAE

I loved the superpower process and worksheets, because it totally changed my perspective and I had so many aha’s.

– Ina Arnold | Student, Entrepreneur and Mom

Well, Chérine is cheerful and positive. She helped me get back to the base of my dreams and goals. she helped me see the way to find my passion. Just a great course! i loved it because I had to dig deeply in myself to find my passion!

-Rachelle Moufarrej | Product Specialist | Lebanon

Find Your Passion takes you to an inner journey to meet yourself to discover – and rediscover – your inner passions, those things that move you and make you vibrate, those you had forgotten, those which make you feel that life has sense.  I suddenly realized I was very deep in my mind and heart, without hard struggles to get there.

The exercises don’t let any important information escape from your awareness, and the materials make the journey fun and enjoyable making you decide from your soul and heart, something you don’t get in therapy  or at university, this is a deeper work, but again: enjoyable. I felt connected to Chérine while watching the exercises, her enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll get to know yourself better, increase your self esteem and discover your passion.

– Mónica Ramírez López | Bachelor and Master in Communications | Mexico

Find your passion course is more than just modules to work on but it is journey to visit your insides. It invites you to take action and to move to become your better self. That’s why finding a passion is also a never ending journey.

– Eliane Ghanem | Project Manager | Lebanon

This course has helped me with thinking deeply about my strengths, the areas in my life that come so naturally to me, and my weaknesses.  It has helped me remember times in my life when I was the most happiest and being my best self.

– Aida Elhalwagy | Educator | Canada

As I read through the course description I knew that I had to join this 4 weeks course to learn more about myself. These 4 weeks were really challenging, but if they weren’t so, I wouldn´t have learnt so much about myself and what I really want to do.

I recommend the course to everyone who struggles to find their own definition of  meaning of life. I also recommend it if you who want to be more self-determined. Thank you Chérine for leading me during the course. I gained more self-confidence and now I know more about myself and what makes me happy.

– Adrienn Bihary | Web Designer | Austria

I loved the whole module 1! All of it! it made me pin point what was blurry to me – what I want my career to progress to! Plus, to put down the non-negotiables was very useful. And going back to childhood (for me it was adolescence – my peak time of holding life amazingly) was an amazing exercise, it showed me how I like my life to be!

– Alissar Nasrallah | Corporate Strategist | UAE

I advice any person who is ready, to take find your passion course with Chérine. The course will help you organize your thoughts and give you some insights about your self and feelings. I just loved the course and Chérine is a really good & generous coach, and you can feel her love and passion even online. All the love and many thanks.

– Maya Dihny | Designer | Lebanon

This 4 weeks journey might not get you all the answers but will definitly direct you toward the right questions. A must do regardless what is your age, background, aspiration or where do you stand right now.

– Selma Idbel | Sales Manager | UAE

The FYP course is a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery that helps even the most aware people become more grounded and more in touch with their inner capabilities, aspirations and perceptions.

It’s an enjoyable ride, a roller coaster on which you are intrigued to get back on time and time again to feel that adrenaline in your blood once more and savor the thrilling feeling of rush and freedom, screaming your lungs out.

– Nisrine Khoury | Director | Strategy and Corporate Development | UAE

Find Your Passion is a course that made me dive in my mind and heart in an adventure of self recognition. In that journey, I found beautiful achievements I had gotten in my life, and also found old dreams that were archived but still waiting for me. Yes, I could find my passion! It was after an enriching inner journey which I enjoyed step by step. Chérine is empathetic. She guides you with softness and lightness.  I love her energy and her cheerfulness is contagious!

– Mónica Ramírez López | Communication Specialist | Mexico

Find your passion course made me realise tremendous stuff about me and my personality! It made realise that being multi passionate is a blessing not a curse. It even made me know how people around me think about me and my personality! It was challenging yet very, very constructive.

I am a high school student who is truly suffering to find my major in the chaos of my multi passions and the bad school system i am facing, but after this course, I have become able to funnel my thoughts and passions, differentiate between hobbies and strengths and careers, and started listening to what my heart really wants, what my soul desires, and what my mind is asking for!

– Maysam Hussein | Senior High School Student | Lebanon

I absolutely loved the personal canvas I made to remind me of who I really am and what my values and needs are. I made a collage out of some pictures I found online, and I found it so relevant to me that I printed it out and put it up on the wall. It’s also become my new wallpaper. And every time I look at it, it reminds me of who I really am, what I really want and what is actually missing in my daily life. It makes me feel complete, warm, enthusiastic, and blissful.

– Sarah Warde | Yoga Teacher

Each one of the exercises and assignments gave me aha moments: Looking into the feelings behind my decisions and stating my core values, reviewing my childhood, interviewing and talking to my mom, friends and ex-teachers, updating my stop doing list, creating collages, giving a big hug to my super powers, identifying what am not good at, celebrating, writing down all my expertise and natural skills, and the process of visioning.

I am understanding better many things that happen in the past, connecting the dots and being re-assured I am on the right path. It just flows, telling me: hey girl, you see? You knew it! Now, embrace it! 

– Tania Blanco | Communicator w/ Poet’s Soul and Inner Power Advocate.

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