Call for a Celebration!


We tend to forget to celebrate some important little milestones in our personal and professional Journey. We say to ourselves “Oh it’s ok” and “no big deal” and when we reach our goal we forget ‘the sweat’ , ‘the hard work’, ‘the sleepless nights’, the “will I make it?”, ‘the desires of getting there on the finish line’. And when we get there, there’s some sort of underwhelm. No Bravos. No pats on the back. No clapping. Nothing.


It may be cultural or social. Or simply feelings of (mis-placed) humbleness, that “We don’t really need to boast about our joys and accomplishments”. If you ask me: You are ignoring that precious moment to pause and enjoy this beautiful accomplishment and view on top of the mountain. It’s a soul feeding pause for you to replenish yourself  before you climb another one.  And by just skipping this crucial beat in your journey, this pause of enjoyment, of self-satisfaction, of gratitude and acknowledgement, we overlook the depth and richness of the experience. We go on from one accomplishment to the next with no satisfaction. No happiness. No momentum. No celebration.

Celebration is as important as the journey.  Tweet That!

Today, look at your present and past successes. It may be a habit you broke. A fear you’ve overcome. A target you’ve reached. A way of being that is more aligned with who you are.

What are you proud of?

What have you overcome?

What have you accomplished?

Even if it’s a tiny shift or accomplishment that makes your heart flutter, your neck taller and  your shoulders broader, your walk more assertive and confident-  Share them in the comments. And if you’re having a little resistance with the oh so familiar voice in your head saying to you ‘ oh no big deal’, ‘who cares’. Remember: There’s a satisfaction and happiness in just acknowledging and celebrating. You’ve done it for others. Do it for yourself.

Invoke celebration. Take it in. Rejoice.


[All together] Let’s pause and shine! I can’t wait to celebrate with you in the comments.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. Share this if you know someone who needs to join the celebration fiesta.


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