13 things I did to create the most of this year.

1. I restored my home. Our home. An old home that we inherited from my in-laws and it was a labor of love to create a soulful space and recycle what was already there. It was one of my major achievements. I decluttered spaces, rooms, cupboards, wardrobes, boxes,...

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The danger of caring more about others than yourself

The danger of caring more about others than yourself

In this audio, I cover: Why it's important to prioritize yourself. How to know if you are overly concerned with other people’s feelings. The typical root of this behavior and how self-awareness can shift things around. How to bring more of the real you into your life....

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Finding your passion with ease.

10 steps to finding your passion with ease. This is for you if: - You want a career change and you're lost and stuck. - You're multi-passionate and can't seem to narrow down your ideas. - You're looking for more meaning and purpose through your work. Take a pen and...

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How to deal with disappointment and things crumbling down.

I had a huge lesson/realization some years back that I keep reminding myself when things go funky or when I start flirting with disappointment. I want to share this learning with you. Lives, relationships, friendships, love, health, situations, projects, economies,...

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9 steps
to transform your life

9 Step Formula to get out of your head and into your heart.
Start a revolution from within and create a life that feels like you.

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