Is it time for a FREE
Exploratory Call?

Is it time for a FREE Exploratory Call?

Let’s chat about you, where you are and where you’d like to be.

I can help you examine what’s currently not working or holding you back and how I can best support you in reaching your personal goals. 


Here’s What You’ll Get in the Exploratory Strategy Call:

  • A truly personal 60 minute conversation to help you identify what’s in the way of reaching your goals.
  • A supportive plan that you can implement.
  • If we're a great fit, I'll share how I can help you.


Here’s How It Works:

Complete the application below. Then, you'll schedule a free 60-minute exploratory call.

Important note: only applications that are complete will qualify for the FREE exploratory call.


Here are some of the themes we explore on our call:

  • Self sabotage, inner criticism and fear.
  • Personal realization and creative leadership.
  • Dreams, Goals and aspirations.
  • Career paths, shifting Careers, changing careers and "breaking the glass ceiling".
  • Merging your passions and finding "your thing".
  • Finding your passion and purpose.
  • Uncovering your core strength and zone of genius.
  • How to navigate crossroads, transitions, transformation, change and decisions.
  • Relationship conflicts.
  • Healthy boundaries.
  • Handling feelings and emotions.
  • Body, Mind, Heart, Soul relationship.
  • Expanding confidence and self trust.
  • Developing intuition and clarity.
  • Creativity and personal self expression.
  • Strategy, decision making, road maps and plan of action.
  • Stress management and release.
  • Creating, building and maintaining meaningful and healthy love relationships.
  • How to lead authentically in your workplace.
  • Being true to you.
  • Going inward.

To help you get prepared for our call, please answer the questions below.

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